... because using the command line is hard!

No longer must you suffer with using Arial, or worse, Helvetica *ducks* because you have no idea how to use the command line to convert fonts to their needed form in order to use them on your web page. Font2CSS takes care of all the hard stuff, if you can select a file and press a button, you can use non web fonts on your webpage!


@font-face In Action:

I'm in action... MAN!

Download Information

I know you can't wait to use it but first I should tell you about some requirements. This application requires that you have the .Net Framework 2.0 or higher installed on your system as well as the Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher.

Windows Binary: font2css.7z (342 KB)

Source: font2css_source.7z (8.38 KB)


This application uses ttf2eot.exe and Batic ttf2svg.jar for the font conversion.